Wall Box

WB-R - RFID, protections, energy meter

The Wall Box is made of thermoplastic material and is typically mounted on the wall. Particularly suitable for installation in areas open to the public like condominium parking spaces and/or public parking lots (e.g., tourist facilities) or more generally in all environments where user identification is needed.
The "R" Wall Box can be equipped with local user recognition systems (RFID card readers) or remote systems with integration in management systems (with OCPP communication protocol) that allow user identification also through Smartphones with the use of dedicated apps.
Also available in the version with charging cable already integrated in the station, it is suitable for "mode 3" charging and can mount a Type 2 socket with Shutter or a Type 3A or 3C socket with a deliverable power up to 7 kW.
The "R" Wall Box is equipped with cable size recognition system, the correct opening of the contactor and the plug locking system.
The "R" version is  also equipped with protection against overcurrents and indirect contacts and charge management in the absence of voltage (optional).
It is also possible to use in outdoor environments as its special Technopolymer guarantees a high resistance to UVA rays and a high degree of protection against dust and water (IP54).
For outdoor use the Wall Box "R" can be accessorised with a pole support and fixing plate.
The station complies with IEC/EN 61851-1.

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