Tamper-proof protection, what is it?

Tamper-Proof protection automatically shields the socket when not in use by using the same mechanism appointed to retain the plug into the socket
during the charging procedure (this feature is compulsory by Standard).
Identify yourself and plug in.

SCAME Type 2 socket with shutters complies with the IEC 61851-1 2nd Ed. International Reference Standard and with the incoming 3rd edition. No need for any specific additional accessory. For the end user  this solution means a level of safety and ease of use normally found at home by plugging a domestic standard socket outlet.
Approved domestic charge points according to OLEV.

Charging Stations

Two-sided charging station free-standing that can be equipped with a built-in anti-extraction locking system type 2,3A,3C domestic and movable outlets and with permanent connected cable.

Suitable for open private and public areas.

Painted steel pillar

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Steel pillar

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Corten pillar

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Light pillar

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