• Which are the charging costs?

    The charging  costs depend on different variables: charge provider, energy provider, type of contract, type of car, time band. AEEGSI specify  which are the fares applicable at usage of electrical energy depending on terms of the contract, in case of one-hour/two-hour fare.

    Below we can see what is the average cost in bill for customers with contracts starting from 3kWh, one-hour/two-hours slots.

    In this chart the cost is in kWh and specify the cost of a average family, so: power 3kWh, contract of electrical supply for single-family house, consumption of 2700kWh per year, without taxes:

    One-hour slot Two-hour slot (F1) Two-hour slot (F2, F3)
                  0,171232 €/kWh 0,176772 €/kWh 0,168432 €/kWh

    So, how much does it cost an electric car?
    Considering that an average usage is 14,10kWh/100Km is easy to understand: only for electricity, an electric car costs 0,92€ / 100 Km during the one-hour slot and 0,84€ / 100 Km during the two-hours slot and night. This costs implies total efficiency of the battery and the system of charging, without leakage.

  • How much autonomy does it have a electric car?

    The autonomy depends above all on the capacity of the battery. Said that, you need to consider that typically you don’t need to recharge the car only when it is completely low batter, as that not always the charging finishes at 100%. Is important to consider that the 80% of the charging is obtained in an half of the time necessary for a total charging. 
    Car manufacturers provides in a booklet the details of the car, among them also its autonomy.
    It is important to take account  there are many factors that can affect the autonomy, among them how it is drived, environmental factors (winter/summer), usage in urban or suburban areas.

  • Which factors influence the charging?

    Contrary at what it is thought, the power of the charging available is not the only factor that establish the charging times. In fact, the most important one is the car, since that according to its absorption capacity and the security system on the charging control, determine the quantity of energy taken up. The quantity of energy available becomes important only after that.

  • Rapid charging can damage the car?

    Some manufacturers don’t advise a frequently usage of this type of charging but only when really necessary.