• How to recharge an eletric car?

    The charging of an electric car provides a continuing communication between the vehicle and station, to verify that in every moment safety conditions for the vehicle and people are respected.

    The Way 3 Charging will start only after this procedures:

    1. vehicle and charging stations connected by cable;

    2. a communication established between vehicle and charging station;

    3. verify safety conditions;

    4. From now, the system will be powered.

    If during the charging arise some problems(for example the cable brake or damaged), the system goes automatically in protection, cutting down the tension and so interrupting the charging flux.

  • What does the european standards provide?

    Charging of electrical cars is regulated by the European community to be the same in all Europe: the international standard IEC 61851 provides 4 way of charging, two of them specifically for domestic use, only if not opened to third people(Way 1 and 2) and two usable both in a public and private areas(Way 3 and 4). In particular way 3 is the more popular  for charging electrical vehicles, in public and private areas.

  • Are there legal obligation for new construction?

    From Dicember 31 2017 Town Halls will establish that, for the houses and public buildings over 500 square metres,  there must be an electrical predisposition for possible installation of electrical infrastructures for charging vehicles.

  • There are laws in italy which regulate electrical mobility?

    National infrastructure plan called PNIRE, which specify the guidelines to develop a charging system same in alla Europe, esteem that the charging point must be 1/10 of electrical vehicles.