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ENG - Eco Mobility General Catalogue 2018 

World changes. Often it is a constant evolution, but sometimes  sudden changes take place and they draws in a little time new sceneries. Placing on the market electrical vehicles means creation of  new habits, new structures and new needs. In a contest so in evolution is important to establish some reference points that will guide the change.

In this case becomes the main actor the figure more prepared and more believable. SCAME has not hesitated at propose itself for a concrete contribute, functional at reaching sustainably choices on  technological, economical and environmental point of view.

A considerable effort, to which we have dedicate ourselves gladly for many years, to deliver in drivers’ hand practical and safe instruments.


Ecomobility ESP

ESP - Catálogo General EcoMobility 2019



GB - Charging stations Manual MAXM

ESP - manual de uso estaciones MAXM

Instruction's leaflet
Wall Box 204.WB

Instruction's leaflet
Pillar 204.CA

Instruction's leaflet
Pillar 204.CB

Instruction's leaflet
Wall Box 204.WD

Instruction's leaflet
Station 204.UB

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Charging stations

Discover all the range of products and solutions dedicate to charge electrical vehicles.


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